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Erin K. Gallagher MA, MFT

Counseling Psychology

Intertwining facets of depth Psychology, neurobiological, and trauma-informed practices, I see myself as an advocate for personal and inter-personal evolution in relationship to ourselves, others and the universe. Exploring the mind-body-spirit and soul, I have the fortunate job of a loyal guide; one who will walk sometimes beside and sometimes behind you, through all of your experiences – however painful and dark they may be – offering skills, tools and support along the way.

My focuses in Psychological practice include: gender creative youth and their families, partnership, family dynamics, developmental, acute, and inter-generational trauma, the neurobiology of trauma and re-integration, post-traumatic stress, allyship with communities who face discrimination and prejudice, adolescence and rights of passage into adulthood, creating sacred personal ritual and yogic practice for emotional intelligence, balance, awareness, wellness and healing.

I welcome and affirm all forms of diversity. I fervently celebrate what makes you uniquely who you are.