Meditation Classes

Sutta Based Buddhist Meditation

with Mitesh Master, Monday 6:30pm – 7:45pm

The Buddhist system was written down 200 years after the Buddha died. The writings that were created are transcriptions of the Buddha’s lectures and sermons as memorized by his followers. In this class we systematically work through these teachings to develop the mind to be free from suffering and enjoy life in its totality. I invite you to learn this system and train your mind.

Sessions include discussion time as well as group sitting time.

About Mitesh
Mitesh is a highly trained meditator in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. He will help you learn to skillfully blend tranquility (samatha) and insight (vipassana) using simple techniques. With loving-kindness (metta) as your object of meditation, you will gently deepen your concentration, bringing mindfulness and a happy face into your daily life.

Suggested donation: $5-10.
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