Practitioner Spotlight – Martha Pfleeger

Martha Pfleeger, LMT

Certified Rolfer™ and Laban Movement Analyst®

MarthaPfleegerBoth Rolfing® Structural Integration and Laban Movement Analysis® draw upon the power of full-body balance, connectivity, and coordination to promote physical healing and personal transformation. As a full-time bodyworker in private practice for twenty five years, my approach has evolved into one that is quite eclectic.  Rolfing® provides the strong backbone for my practice because it involves a postural analysis and sequence of bodywork interventions that accelerate our body’s innate resources to re-align and balance itself.  This postural re-alignment therapy is primarily achieved by treating myofascia (muscles and their connective tissue) using a variety of strokes, stretches, acupressure, oscillations, breath, and movement.  When these techniques are directed where nerve tracts and receptors lie, much less force is required to evoke tissue change.  It is important to weave comforting strokes and quiet energy work into sessions in order to reach the deepest layers of the body and co-create sessions that are effective, yet feel enjoyable and safe to receive.  I am fortunate to live in a bodywork mecca which has granted me the opportunity to study with influential Rolfers™, osteopaths, chiropractors, functional neurologists, massage therapists, movement educators, and Reiki masters to expand my repertoire.

When posture and movement are integrated, the body moves with a natural flow and continuity; the muscles work in an efficient, well-organized synchrony.  The shape of the body is dimensionally balanced, the limbs and trunk have proportion, and the core of the torso remains stable and connected.  –Mary Ann Foster in Somatic Patterning.

This integrated efficiency has the power to reduce wear and tear, ease pain syndromes, and increase our range of healthy expression and flexibility.  Collectively, these contribute to our sense of empowered mastery, organic grace, and enjoyment of life.

I draw upon my training in dance, Rolf® Movement, and the “Bartenieff Fundamentals” body of work within the Laban system to develop simple, yet transformative movement experiences to heighten somatic awareness. Irmgard Bartenieff immigrated to the U.S. during our polio epidemic.  As a dancer, movement analyst, and P.T., one of the great tasks upon her was to retrain adults to walk again. She modified the developmental sequence infants undergo to pattern their neuromuscular systems for adults by turning them onto their backs. She demonstrated it’s more effective to utilize full-body pathways of connectivity, supported and motivated by clear spatial and emotional intent, to re-coordinate the whole mind-body system, as opposed to strengthening one muscle at a time.  Her passionate and inspiring work has become very influential in dance education, dance therapy, and some forms of physical therapy.

It is possible to study LMA alone to explore your movement potentials or as a complement to bodywork.


  • Graduate of The Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration
  • The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS®
  • The American Functional Neurology Society, The Soma School of Massage