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Anna Murphy-Moore, LAc, yoga teacher

Anna is a licensed acupuncturist and yoga instructor. She began her yoga and Chinese medicine studies while living in Southern Taiwan as a student of Chinese language and culture. She spent two of her six years in Taiwan studying Chinese reflexology, acupressure massage, cupping and basic acupuncture technique from a local practitioner. She worked with this teacher in his clinic and also in local temples where they practiced volunteer medicine. In 2003 she traveled to the Yucatan to complete an intensive yoga teacher training program through Integral Yoga.

In 2005 she returned to the United States to continue her yoga teacher training through Integrated Yoga therapy and to begin her formal Chinese medicine studies through the National College of Natural Medicine’s Classical Chinese Medical department, from which she received a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine and an advanced degree in classical Chinese studies. During her time at NCNM, she learned to heal using multiple Chinese medical modalities including acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese body work, medical application of qi gong (a form of martial art) and nutritional counseling. She was also able to return to South East Asia multiple times to learn from master doctors.
Anna's residency focused on chronic pain, autoimmune disease, chronic parasitism, Lyme disease and cancer.  In her private practice, Anna utilizes Chinese medical modalities in addition to therapeutic movement. She feels that this combination allows patients to be active participants in their own healing process and to more deeply understand their own bodies and path to sustained health.

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