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Strong Relationships, slow marketing

The internet is filled with people trying to get something from you all the time. Even this post is asking you to read. And I hope you do! And I hope it's fun, enjoyable, and insightful. But so much of what I encounter online is either pushy clickbait or just downright rude.

You've probably seen the videos which tell you the five things that will make your life so much better. Or the three things you have to do right now to be rich. Or maybe you're reading something and it's just okay or maybe it's good and it's time to move on and you move your mouse to the top of the screen. Boom! They hit you with a quick plea to give them your email address. Or now that constant chatbot that pops up in the bottom right-hand corner telling you that the robot is there for you.

This is not who we are and this is something we hope never to do. When I moved to Portland about twelve years ago, it was because New York City didn't care about my well being, but demanded so much of my peace of mind. This was something I never wanted to do this to others.

At the center of our work is developing relationships of trust in the journey towards health and increase your quality of life. It could be as simple as dealing with wrist pain you got from working in the garden or more complex, nuanced treatment as adjunctive care with orthodox medicine for cancer. We maintain engagement with advances in the field and a community of peer relationships so that we can better serve our patients.

As the shelter in place orders came to fruition, Anna and I hustled to find the best situation for us going forward. Anna had been developing a yoga class for spinal health. We were able to shift to an online format because of her hard work and preparation. In the meantime, I was securing some financial clarity and funding to make sure that this sudden change could be handled smoothly.

All of that has gone well, or well enough that we can look towards what does next month bring... and the month after that. We are examining how to open with the guidance of the governor, the Oregon Medical Board, and the Oregon Acupuncture Association.

And we look forward to serving our community by doing so but also understand that we should not wait for a return to normalcy in order to bring continued guidance and assistance in developing health with our patients and community.

We want to hear from you. How can we better serve you in these times in your journey towards health and increased quality of life? We can develop courses, videos and more. We can create it with you. Let us know. Maybe an email or comment below. Or if you see us around, let us know.

What we want to do is continue to honor the relationships we've developed for the better part of a decade. Fast marketing undoes this. We want to offer our skills to you as best as we can. And this is still marketing, but a slow marketing.

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