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Anna Master, LAc

As a holistic health practitioner, Anna is committed to helping people understand the ways that natural medicine can help them lead healthier and happier lives. Her clinical specialties include anxiety management, chronic digestive issues, chronic pain, auto-immunity and inflammation management. To address these issues, she integrates a combination of East Asian medicine, bio-dynamic cranial-sacral therapy, therapeutic movement and nutrition. 


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


Anna has been my favorite acupuncturist for about ten years. I recommend her any chance I get. I initially saw her in conjunction with my massage therapist after a car accident and her treatment was integral to my recovery. Been seeing her ever since. I love that she meets me where I am: sometimes I just need body work, sometimes I am having health concerns, sometimes I'm having mental health concerns, usually it's some amalgamation of all of it, and she meets me every time. I respect and appreciate that she is always learning, diving deeper into things or finding new things to better help her patients. As a part of the Portland health and wellness community, she has lots of recommendations for resources. In our work together we've done needling, cupping, cranio sacral, massage, herbal prescriptions, yoga, dietary modifications and other health and lifestyle recommendations. She's an advocate for the whole person and an excellent person herself! Thank you, Anna! 


When I began seeing Anna for acupuncture,
I had just come through a difficult, stressful
few years. I was anxious and experiencing
chronic pain in my hands. Not in good shape!
Under Anna’s wonderful and skillful care
as a practitioner, her intuition and deep
knowledge of how to heal body and mind,
I am a new woman.
I will be forever grateful to her.




200 NE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

(503) 926-7985


(503) 926-7985