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Stay Well with Yoga For Spinal Health

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

At Potentials Wellness Center, we are committed to continuing to support people as they seek health during this difficult and uncertain time. For now, our regular classes and sessions for acupuncture and bodywork are on hold but we have been busy trying to figure out how we can reach out and meet you where you are (in your homes). We have updated our upcoming class, Yoga for Spinal Health to be in a digital format.

We hope you will join Anna Master LAc and Samantha Westerwelle RYT on an eight week journey of spinal exploration. The health of the spine is key for overall wellness and vitality. Spinal health impacts our nervous system which is one of the places that many people are feeling challenged right now. For many of us, our nervous systems are feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated as we grapple with what is happening and how it will effect us and the rest of the planet. At the same time, our regular outlets of going out and spending time with friends and family, exercising, going to classes and traveling are all curtailed. Shifting gears this fast is not easy and it has a very disorganizing effect on the system. You might be experiencing this as brain fog, poor memory, lower energy, digestive symptoms, more aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, quickly changing emotions or an overall lack of ease and low grade tension. It's normal to feel some degree of discomfort relative to what is going on. We all need to find ways to help create a normal routine that helps us to stay organized and centered. We also need to build in space for allowing feelings to arise.

As hard as this is, we are being given the opportunity to go inward and to reorganize and reboot. Yoga for Spinal Health is designed to support the process of being comfortable going inward so that one can find improved strength, stability and calm. As the super information highway and the primary axis of the human body, the spine plays an extraordinary role in our ability to be flexible, fluid, strong and organized. In this class we explore the anatomy and movement of the spine to connect with our own flexible, strong, fluid and organized selves.

The format for this class consists of eight live online ninety minute classes, two one of one virtual spinal mobility assessments and videos for home practice. We know that for some jumping into using tools for online communication is daunting. We are also available for tech support to help you get set up. For more information please contact See below for dates and pricing. To register, click here.

TIME: SATURDAY MORNINGS APRIL 11th to MAY 30th, 10:00 to 11:30 am

COST: $125.00

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