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Time to Innovate: What's New at Potentials Wellness Center

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Welcome to June. Can you believe that it's here? The past few months have been a total scramble. I scrambled to shift to an online platform for telemedicine and teaching yoga. Sorting out childcare and applying for PPP loans were both a total scramble. Then we scrambled to figure out all the details so we could safely reopen for massage and acupuncture. As we looked at re-opening and what this next year is likely to look like, we realized that we needed to innovate to continue serving our community and providing the health care that people need and can have access to with the greatest degree of safety. In response to this, we talked with many people about what their needs are right now. We have put together some new clinic offerings to fill the gap in care that many people are feeling.

The first offering is a class on how to simplify healthy cooking at home called, Eating for Health and Pleasure At Home. If you have started to slip into eating pints of ice cream, you have gained the COVID 15 or you are tired beyond words of cooking everyday (and cleaning the kitchen) this is the class for you.

The second offering is a class called How to Build Your Resiliency Tool Kit. We are all dealing with extreme challenges in our life that often leave us cycling through intense emotions without having access to the same support structures that have traditionally been available to us. To make matters worse, for many of us, we have lost much of the schedule and structure of our lives. Many people have expressed a feeling that time doesn’t seem to be passing normally and it is difficult to get things done. There is an overall sense of stuckness and overwhelm. This class is designed to support you in developing tools to move through (not repress) difficult emotions, minimize worry and rumination, create healthy structure and organization and start to envision a path forward.

The Potentials Yoga Studio will follow state guidelines for opening. It seems unlikely that we will have in person classes until the fall. However, we have several weekly drop in classes that are happening in a live video format (link here and scroll down for class info and times). We have been loving connecting with our students, getting to meet their pets and have a small glimpse of their outside lives during our live video classes. In addition to live drop in classes, we will also be doing another session of Yoga For Spinal Health, a unique eight week hybrid class that incorporates one on one work, live video classes and recorded videos.

For those of you who are not loving the live video classes, you are not alone. It can be frustrating to get everything just right- seeing the screen, finding the right place to practice in your home, being seen by the teacher, figuring out the login, dealing with technical glitches etc. For those of you who want more yoga in your life but don’t feel like joining classes, we have created a new one on one format that is geared towards helping people develop a home practice that is individualized for their personal goals and needs. The package consists on an initial consult to determine goals and needs where we zero in how to create a schedule for home practice that will work for you whether that is an hour two times a week or ten minutes a day before you go to bed. You can focus on anything from healing knee pain to improving sleep. Based on what we determine in your first session, a yoga teacher will then create a custom home practice for you. We will teach you the practice in a one on one live video session and we will also send you a video to support your home practice. You get to explore the practice at home knowing that we are available for questions, support and accountability. You then get another hour-long session with us to review and fine tune the practice. We find that this combination of teaching sets up a model for yoga practice that is similar to the traditional one between a teacher and student that existed before the class model became popular. Students become empowered in their home practice in a way that lets them get to know their breath and body in a deeper way. The role of the teacher shifts from leading a class and directing movement to taking the student deeper into their own process of healing and discovering the benefits of yoga.

We hope we have created something that will support you through this next phase of our collective lives. We would also love to hear from you about any specific health concerns you need support for. If you have input to share please click here.

If you would like more info on any of our new programs of have ideas about how we can better serve you, please email or call 503-926-7985. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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