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Thanks Mom! In The Time of Coronavirus, Mothers Rule

Updated: May 13, 2020

For many women, the past few months have required mothering to be taken to a whole new new level. The already difficult task of managing life with children has been intensified by stay home orders and currently resembles some type of extreme sport. I personally know many women who are now parenting multiple kids solo with minimal or no help. In addition to the lack of child care and school, the options of going anywhere or doing anything are slim. To the childless, this might not sound like a big deal but for those of us who have been alone with children for long periods of time, we know the true endurance, patience and mental fortitude this requires. The acts of mothering I have seen during the last few months have genuinely inspired me and brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

All the amazing mothering energy floating around has helped to keep my morale and creativity up when I've felt overwhelmed by all that is happening in the world. I'm so grateful for all the voices whispering DIY play-dough recipes and scavenger hunts in my ear. I'm so grateful for the chorus of women reminding me to try and enjoy the extra time with my child even though it can be exhausting. I'm so grateful for all the confessions of vulnerability and permissions to go in the bathroom and cry if I need to and not to feel bad about it. I'm so grateful for my mom and mother in law who bring cookies and leave them on the porch and talk to my son on the phone about Godzilla characters while I cook dinner. I feel the generosity- the impulse to soothe and calm and make things better- all around me, even though I'm physically isolated in my little pod. These acts of sharing make all the difference. Thank you to all the grandmothers, moms and daughters who in the midst of taking care of "all the things" think to share with others what is helping them and even have the extra energy to think of how to support and show gratitude to teachers and neighbors. I wish I could hug you all and give you a massage and flowers and chocolate and a trip to Hawaii! Those things won't happen for a while but this week, I do have a few offerings for you from the Potentials Wellness Center community.

  • This week, our Yoga classes are free for all moms . You can check out available classes and times here. Email now for a registration link if you would like to join.

  • One on one yoga packages are also available as gifts (or self gifts) for mom's. Buy this week and get 20% off a two session one of one video yoga pack that includes an initial 15 minute phone conversation to discuss the goals of the class, two hour long one on one yoga sessions and a personal video to support you in your home practice for $180.00 (normally $225.00).

  • We are also offering a free ten minute resource consultation for the first 20 women in the Portland and Vancouver area who register. Call now (503-926-7985) to book your free consultation to see how natural medicine can help you deal with all the aches, pains, worries, poor sleep, allergies and other aggravations you've been suffering with at home. Find out what kinds of holistic support is available to you in the local community and treat yourself to some much needed self care.

From Potentials Wellness Center, we wish all women, whether they are mother's to fur babies, care givers to the ill or aged, birthers of works of art, plant women or mother's to children a happy and peaceful mother's day full of joy and appreciation. May you be well, may you be happy, may you know love, may you know peace. Please keep delivering groceries, sprouting seeds in egg cartons, going on nature walks, snuggling up with books, performing shadow puppet shows, teaching kids to ride bikes, having heart to hearts with moody teenagers and loving with all you hearts. Also, please take care of your selves so you have the continued energy to do all the amazing things you do.

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